Sweet Treats

Whether you are gift shopping or looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, be sure to browse through our selection of sweet treats!

Candy Bars

Cowboy Candy Bar: Milk chocolate infused with toffee and almonds.

Texas Bourbon Bar: Dark chocolate with a shot of bourbon flavoring.



   Wine Bottle Cake Mixes: (Mix with your favorite alcohol!)

Double Chocolate Bourbon Cake – A Customer favorite!

Margarita Tequila-Lime Cake – Imagine a key lime pie in cake form, delicious!


Dessert Cheeseball Mixes

*Warning, after trying one, you might want to eat the whole thing! Available in chocolate and white chocolate. New fall flavors are on the way!


Cookies and Cheesestraws

Here by popular demand, we have a wide selection of cheese straws and cookies.  Check back near the holidays for all of our new flavors for the season!