Fruit and Nut Trees

We are happy to announce that fruit trees are here! Bare root upon arrival, each tree is potted in a biodegradable pot to add ease to planting. Trees are two years upon arrival and should bear a small crop this year. Our tree varieties are especially chosen for their low chilling hours, in order to provide customers with a premium selection that will all do well in our area.

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We carry the following varieties:



Fuyu (Japanese) Persimmon: Highly ornamental and productive deciduous tree. Bright orange scarlet fruits remain on the tree through Fall. Wonderful Fall color. Average height 20-30′.


Methley Plum: Japanese plum. Medium to large reddish-purple fruit with red flesh. Excellent quality. Sweet mild flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or processing. Vigorous tree with upright shape. Good pollinator for Bruce and Morris. Ripens early June. Perfect for home gardens. 250 chilling hours. Average height 10-15′.


Santa Rosa Plum: Japanese  plum. One of the most popular varieties. Large, freestone plum. Skin purplish to crimson with yellow flesh. Fruit is juicy and tart. Excellent flavor. Keeps well. Prolific bearer. Ripens mid to late June. Perfect for home gardens. Self pollinating. 400 chill hours.


Rubrum Plum: Hybrid fruiting plum with excellent disease resistance and is high yielding. Great for home gardens. Vigorous and long-lived tree. 700 chill hours. Average height 10-15′.


Southern Belle Plum: Good-sized plum with purple skin and firm yellow flesh that has a sweet flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or processing. Self pollinating. 250 chill hours.



Fuji Apple: A popular dessert apple with a mild, sweet flavor and juicy flesh. Stores well and remains crisp for a long period of time. 400 chill hours. Average height 15-20′.


Pink Lady Apple: A wonderful dessert apple. Tree bears medium-sized fruit with pink bruised skin. Deliciously sweet/tart flavor. 450 chill hours. Average height 15-20′.


Red Delicious Apple: Dark Red Fruit. Tender, juicy flesh. Holds crispness and flavor. Good for home use. Hardy, high-yielding tree. Grows 20′.


Granny Smith: Popular apple valued for its crisp, tart flavor. Medium-sized fruit has a green skin with white dots. Great in milder winter areas.




June Gold Peach: Produces yellow fruit with sweet, juicy yellow flesh. Freestone. Perfect for eating fresh or for baking. 650 chill hours. Average height 10-15′.


Sam Houston Peach: Low chill variety that produces yellow fleshed fruit. Showy and fragrant pink flowers in spring. Self fertile. 500 chill hours.


Tex King Peach: Large red freestone with firm yellow flesh. Self fertile. 400 chill hours.



La Feliciana Peach: A later ripening variety that yields a large, sweet, freestone peach. Big producer and excellent flavor. Great for the home orchard. Self fertile.


Red Skin Peach: Produces firm yellow fleshed fruit and has deep red skin. Excellent flavor. Perfect for eating fresh, storing or canning. Self fertile. 750 chill hours.



Celeste Fig: An excellent smaller fig with purple brown skin and light pink pulp. Starts ripening in late July.


Texas Everbearing Fig: Violet-brown skin and amber colored flesh. Bears well, having two crops of fruit a year.



Moonglow Pear: Large fruit, similar in appearance to Bartlett. Soft and juicy flesh. Good fire blight resistance. Good pollinator for other pear varieties. 500 chill hours.


Perdue Pear: Self Pollinating 
Large pear-shaped pear with a smooth, slightly-blotched skin that is greenish to greenish/yellow in color. Flesh is white, juicy, sweet, and very flavorful.




Pecan trees are currently sold bare-root.


Desirable Pecan: Vigorous growing, disease resistant tree. Good sized, soft-shell nut. Good selection for humid areas.



Kiowa Pecan: Nuts are large and oblong. Bears early and heavy crops of excellent quality nuts. Shapely tree with attractive foliage.




Arapaho Blackberry: Vigorous growing shrub with high quality fruit. Excellent for eating fresh. Also used for canning, freezing, jams and pies. Propagation without license prohibited.


Navajo Blackberry: Hardy, high yielding, erect plants. Firm berries with good color and flavor. Easily harvested from thornless canes. Great fresh and cooked.