Fountains and Water Features

Fountains and Water Features

Nothing quite adds the “finishing touch” to a patio or landscape like the sound of a fountain. Here at Kim’s, we carry a wide selection of tabletop, disappearing, and custom fountains to fit any design or budget.

Disappearing Fountains

These fountains feature a disappearing reservoir concealed beneath them. They may be designed to sit above-ground, or the reservoir may be installed underground. We can custom plumb any pottery into a fountain in this style. No water line is needed with installation, simply electricity.

winejarfountain  fountain2  fountain1

Self-Contained Fountains – Tabletop

Want the sound of a fountain, but don’t have room for a reservoir? We also carry a wide selection of self-contained fountains that recirculate water. These smaller sizes are great for tables, decks, and patios, made either of metal, porcelain, glazed pottery, or resin.

Tabletop  vasefountain  whitevasefountain

Self-Contained Fountains for the Garden

Need something larger to display in the garden or yard, but don’t want to deal with a reservoir? We’ve recently started carrying a new line of larger concrete fountains.

Daisy  dragonfly