Drought Tolerant Plants

As Summer rapidly approaches and temperatures rise, it’s time to look into Texas heat lovers and drought tolerant varieties! We’ve compiled a list below of a few customer favorites that we’re sure you’ll enjoy too!



Simiar to a ligustrum in growth, this evergreen is hardy and can be trimmed into a hedge. It displays beautiful white plumes of flowers in the late Spring and Summer that also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Pictured is the variegated form that we currently have in stock.


Texas Sage

This beautiful native is both drought and heat tolerant. It grows to roughly 4′ x 4′ depending on your pruning schedule, and butterflies love the purple blooms in Summer! Evergreen.


Butterfly Bush 

This hardy shrub is stunning in Summer time. It displays long sweeping branches that fill with plumes of purple flowers. As the name suggests, it also brings the hummingbirds and butterflies! It is deciduous and grows to 4-6′ x 4′.

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Nandina “Heavenly Bamboo”

We have several beautiful forms of nandina and all thrive in the Texas heat. We currently have dwarf, compact, and firepower. The foliage changes throughout the year from greens to reds, and most varieties produce bright red berries. Size is depending on variety. Evergreen.  Firepower nandina is pictured below.



Evergreen available in a rose creek or glossy variety. Typically grows to 4′ x 4′, and prefer full to partial sun.


Ornamental Grasses

Pampas, Muhley, Purple Fountain, and a few other varieties are available, ranging from 4′ tall to 7′ tall.


Agapanthus/ Lily of the Nile

Beautiful evergreen that reached 2-3′ in height and displays large softball sized blooms in the summer.


Dianella/Flax Lily

Variegated grass-like plant that has small purple blooms in the spring. Reaches 2-3′ in height, deciduous.


Bicolor Iris/ African Iris

We carry 2 varieties of iris. They reach 3-4′ and have beautiful blooms during the spring and summer.



This evergreen shrub comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. From groundcover to large pyramidal shrubs, all varieties thrive in Texas heat and require little water once established. Pictured below is the blue point juniper.



Color Guard and red yucca available. These hardy varieties take full sun and thrive in the heat.



Dwarf and standard available, deer proof as well. *The leaves are poisonous to pets and people.



Bedding Plants:


These stunning tropicals are a MUST for any summer landscape. They come in a variety of colors and simply drown in blooms when placed in full sun. They require very little water and care. Certain varieties will be more compact as a shrub, and others tend to be more like a vine.



This beautiful plant comes in practically all colors. There are varieties that trail and others that form mounding shrubs. Plant in full and with with little care, you can have a beautiful bed full of blooms for the butterflies to enjoy!



Perennials that thrive in a good sunny location, usually reaching 12-18″.

13243846_10207105974951902_8658757662897144237_o 13235283_10207105973951877_7474235255974962817_o

Gaillardia and Coreopsis

These beautiful perennials are wonderful for the summer heat.


Asparagus & Foxtail fern

Not true ferns, but these light green bedding plants add a great splash of color for any garden bed or container.

13227719_10207105975751922_3220813011498636745_o  13217168_10207105975431914_2471767974488414129_o

Mexican Heather

Reach 8″ tall in a mounding growth. Usually perennial in Texas.