We now have bulbs in stock!

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We are expecting quite a large variety this year, and our first shipment consisted of:

  • Daylily: Siloam Royal Prince, Fooled Me
  • Canna Lily: Orange Magic, Moonshine, Rosita, Australia
  • False Spirea/Astilbe: Cerise
  • Heartleaf Alkanet: Blue
  • Pedula Begonia: Yellow, Pink
  • Double Begonia: Bouton De Rose
  • Splendide Ballerina Begonia: Apricot
  • Asparagus: Jersey Knight
  • Seed Garlic
  • Caladium: Red Ruffles, Brandywine, Frieda Hemple, White Queen
  • Elephant Ears: Colocasia Esculenta
  • Upright Elephant Ears: Alocasia Odora
  • Gladiolus: Mardi Gras Mix, Easter Joy Mix, Dazzling Tangerine, Pretty in Pink, Valentine, nanas
  • Siberian Iris: Blue King
  • Mexican Shellflowers
  • Lilies: Acapulco, Dizzy, Muscadet, Stargazer, Tiger Lilies (Splendens), Rain lilies