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We are happy to announce that fruit trees are now in stock! Bare root upon arrival, each tree is potted in a biodegradable pot to add ease to planting. Trees are between two and three years upon arrival and should bear a small crop this year. Our tree varieties are especially chosen for their low chilling hours, in order to provide customers with a premium selection that will all do well in our area.

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We carry the following varieties:

Persimmon: Fuyu (Japanese)


Fuyu Persimmon: Highly ornamental and productive deciduous tree. Bright orange scarlet fruits remain on the tree through Fall. Wonderful Fall color. Average height 20-30'.

Cherry: Black Tartarian and Dwarf North Star

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Black Tartarian Cherry: Medium sized, purplish black sweet fruit. Early June. Good pollinator, and excellent choice for a home orchard. Average height 20'.

Northstar Cherry Dwarf Tree: Juicy, tender pie cherry of good quality with pleasantly acidic flavor. Ripens very early. Self-fruitful.

Plums: Bruce, Methley, Santa Rosa, Ozark Premier, Rubrum, Southern Belle

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12513516_10206274576367457_3263296174875436597_o  12469434_10206274585127676_5571299888207138858_o  12484584_10206274575807443_1211236012582520300_o

Bruce Plum: Japanese plum. Produces fruit with a sweet flavor. Self fertile and early ripening. Perfect for the home garden. 500 chill hours.

Methley Plum: Japanese plum. Medium to large reddish-purple fruit with red flesh. Excellent quality. Sweet mild flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or processing. Vigorous tree with upright shape. Good pollinator for Bruce and Morris. Ripens early June. Perfect for home gardens. 250 chilling hours. Average height 10-15'.

Santa Rosa Plum: Japanese plum. One of the most popular varieties. Large, freestone plum. Skin purplish to crimson with yellow flesh. Fruit is juicy and tart. Excellent flavor. Keeps well. Prolific bearer. Ripens mid to late June. Perfect for home gardens. Self pollinating. 400 chill hours.

Ozark Premier Plum: Japanese Plum. Produces very large, semi-freestone fruit that ripen mid-summer. Bright, red-skinned fruit has a slightly tart flavor. Self-pollinating. 800 chill hours.

Rubrum Plum: Hybrid fruiting plum with excellent disease resistance and is high yielding. Great for home gardens. Vigorous and long-lived tree. 700 chill hours. Average height 10-15'.

Southern Belle Plum: Medium sized, red sweet jelly plum. Ripens June. Excellent firm, yellow, sweet tasting flesh. Great plum selection. 350 chill hours.

Apple: Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious

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12485990_10206274566727216_6420691220457340723_o  12465987_10206274563967147_2487986435618216862_o

Fuji Apple: A popular dessert apple with a mild, sweet flavor and juicy flesh. Stores well and remains crisp for a long period of time. 400 chill hours. Average height 15-20'.

Gala Apple: One of the most popular apples available. Flesh is crisp, firm and juicy. Skin is streaked red-orange. Vigorous growth. Chill hours 500.  Excellent quality, ideal for fresh eating or cooking. Grows 20-40'.

Granny Smith Apple: Popular apple valued for its crisp, tart, flavor. Medium-sized fruit. Great in milder winter areas. Self pollinating, 400 chill hours. Average height 15-20'.

Pink Lady Apple: A wonderful dessert apple. Tree bears medium-sized fruit with pink bruised skin. Deliciously sweet/tart flavor. 450 chill hours. Average height 15-20'.

Red Delicious Apple: Dark Red Fruit. Tender, juicy flesh. Holds crispness and flavor. Good for home use. Hardy, high-yielding tree. Grows 20'.

Peach: Junegold,  Sam Houston, Tex Prince, Redskin, Red Barron, Red Globe

12465900_10206274586567712_7501062181518921766_o  12513813_10206274584927671_3246420712293999003_o  920689_10206274584367657_4150276082421080773_o

12493867_10206274582727616_336829962693288126_o  12487316_10206274582167602_7329001061103651560_o

Junegold Peach: Produces yellow fruit with sweet, juicy yellow flesh. Freestone. Perfect for eating fresh or for baking. 650 chill hours. Average height 10-15'.

Sam Houston Peach: Low chill variety that produces yellow fleshed fruit. Showy and fragrant pink flowers in Spring. 500 chill hours. Average height 10-15'.

Red Baron Peach: Large, firm and juicy, yellow flesh. Freestone. Excellent flavor. Showy double red flowers add to its appeal. 250 chill hours. Average height 10-15'.

Tex-Prince Peach: New variety adapted to just 500-550 chilling hours for good fruit production. Large yellow-fleshed, freestone peach with excellent flavor and texture. Average height 20'.

Redskin Peach: Produces firm, yellow fleshed fruit and has deep red skin. Excellent flavor. Perfect for eating fresh, storing, or canning. 750 chilling hours. Average height 10-15'.

Redglobe Peach: High quality freestone with fine, firm flesh and good flavor. Stores well. Average height 15'.

Pear: Moonglow, Warren, Perdue, 20th Century

12471398_10206274568527261_1251481039407597778_o  12487070_10206274569247279_4291360998612851925_o

12484830_10206274569807293_8662748618486657639_o  12493534_10206274575327431_3087890618746167024_o

Moonglow Pear: Large fruit, similar in appearance to Bartlett. Soft and juicy flesh. Good fire blight resistance. Good pollinator for other pears. 500 chill hours. Average height 15-20'.

Warren Pear: Produces sweet and juicy fruits, with no grit cells, that are medium to large in size. Resistant to fire blight. Self pollinating, 600 chill hours. Average height 15-20'.

Perdue Pear: Large pear-shaped pear with smooth, slightly blotched skin that is greenish to greenish/yellow in color. Flesh is white, juicy, sweet, and very flavorful. Self pollinating. 300 chill hours. Average height 15-20'.

20th Century Pear: An Asian pear variety with medium to large fruit that is round, yellow-green in color and has a sweet taste. Average height 15-20'.

Fig: Texas Everbearing, Celeste, Alma

Pecan: Choctaw, Desirable*

Pecan trees are currently sold bare-root.


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